Sport - A-Level

Head of Sports and Personal Development
Miss C Plummer


This course is for students who really enjoy both the practical and theory side of PE lessons. Students who opt for this course will be interested in employment in the sports and leisure industry and/or for those who wish progress to further education and/or as a basis to lead to higher qualifications and training in careers in PE, sport and leisure.

The BTEC is equivalent to one GCE A Level. Alternatively, you are also able to study for the A Level qualification in Physical Education.


The course consists of 4 units which all include both theory and practical elements.

Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology

• You will study skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory and energy systems and the effects of exercise on each system.

Mandatory Unit 2 : Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Wellbeing

• Your assignment and assessment will involve interpreting lifestyle factors and data provided to justify a programme that meets the need of a client.

Mandatory Unit 3: Professional Development in the Sports Industry

• You will cover the career and job opportunities in the sports industry, explore your own skills using a skills audit to inform a personal career in sport action plan, undertake tasks that could form part of an interview as a sports coach, lead a sports activity to demonstrate you coaching skills and reflect on the recruitment process and your individual qualities linked to a career in sport in the future.

Optional Unit 7: Practical sport performance

• You will study the skills, techniques, tactics and rules of selected sports through active participation in individual/team sports.

• This unit gives you the opportunity to improve your own knowledge and practical ability in a selection of individual and team sports. You will develop your own practical performance in selected sports, focusing on the application of skills, techniques and tactics and reflecting on your performance. This will be achieved through participation in practical activities, followed by a reflection on your performance.

• You will have the opportunity to practise and refine your individual skills and techniques, investigating and experiencing different areas of tactics and techniques.

• The rules and regulations of the selected sports are also investigated, since an awareness of the rules can often lead to an improvement in performance.


5 in GCSE PE.