Attendance CTK6


Excellent attendance is essential in order to ensure academic success especially at A Level / Level 3 studies. Students at CTK6 should aspire to 97% attendance and be achieving a minimum 95% attendance as well as having an excellent punctuality record. 

Every lesson missed will directly impact a student's academic performance. Excellent punctuality and attendance supports the development of good habits that form part of the foundations of success in both academic and personal lives. Here at CTK6 we strive to ensure our students leave us ready for their next steps in education and employment. By encouraging the highest standards of attendance and punctuality, replicating workplace procedures and expectations we hope to give our students the opportunity to develop their employability skills and a chance to apply these skills to their education before embarking on their next steps whether that be higher education or employment. 

For further information and guidance on attendance and punctuality at Sixth Form or general Sixth Form life please read our handbook and student / parent version attendance policy. These documents include information on how to report attendances. 

Attendance & Pastoral team 

Mrs Ashton

Attendance Manager

Mrs White

Sixth Form Secretary and administration coordinator / 

Ms Cunningham & Mr Lawson

Director & Assistant Director of Sixth Form 

How to report an unplanned absence?

An unplanned absence due to illness or similar should be reported to preferable before 8.30 am but no later than 9.30 am on the first day of their absence to confirm the reason why they are off and then subsequent days if the absence is longer than one day. If the absence is reported by the student which is preferable to develop employment skills the admin team will respond and copy in parents ensure they are also aware of the absence. 

How to report a planned absence?

Planned absences should be reported to with the Director and Assistant Director of Sixth Form copied into the email. The absence will be considered and approved / unapproved based on individual circumstances. The student or parent / carer should email this at least one week in advance where possible and attach any evidence to this for example a medical appointment card, screenshot of appointments and so on.