Welcome to our Guidance programme here at Christ the King Catholic High School & Sixth Form Centre.

Our Guidance programme encompasses the key aspects and the topical issues that our pupils need to understand in order to be prepared for life as a student and beyond. The programme is delivered through a variety of lessons, assemblies, drop-down days and through external speakers. We pride ourselves in the opportunities we afford our pupils to prepare for the future.

Guidance lessons are timetabled once a fortnight and supplemented with other forms of delivery throughout the year. Pupils are assessed electronically at appropriate points in the curriculum via our Google classroom platform.

Our Guidance programme timetable is below and should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs V O’Connor-Green Guidance Lead

2022-23 Guidance timetable.docx

Core British Values Opportunities in Citizenship


All members of a group have an input into the decisions that are made

Rule of Law

Every citizen is subject to the law, including law makers themselves

Individual Liberty

The freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law

Mutual Respect

Respecting each other’s rights to hold different views, have different opinions and choose how to your life

Tolerance of Other Faiths

Respecting and recognising the beliefs or practices of others who differ from our own

Year 7 Team

Guidance is mostly delivered to Year 7 form classes by their form teachers. It covers relevant topics such as Safeguarding, Radicalisation & Extremism, Personal Safety & Risk Taking, Revision Strategies, Bullying & Cyberbullying, Peer Pressure & Relationships, Mind Moose and LORIC. In addition we have an outside speaker whom delivers a session on Taking Risks.

Our LORIC lessons allow pupils to realise personal targets. Pupils begin as apprentices in Year 7 with a view to completing this course by the end of Year 8. Each pupil selects two activities from each of the five attributes; these being Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. On successful completion pupils will receive a certificate and progress onto the graduate level.

Mind Moose is an online platform to allow pupils to develop good mental wellbeing and allows for early intervention for any concerns.

Citizenship Team

Our Citizenship group prepares pupils for becoming valued members of society and contributing towards it. Topics covered include; Rights & Responsibilities, the Electoral System, Human Rights, The Role of the Police, Diverse Society & Volunteering, Radicalisation & Extremism, Prejudice & Discrimination, Democracy, International Law, Extremism & Terrorism, The Law & Justice and International Government. Many of these areas directly link to British Values and are highlighted as such on our Guidance timetable.


The aim of this group is to prepare our pupils for extended study or work. Lessons focus on Earn or Learn, Post 16 Applications, Labour Markets/Careers Carousel, Networking, Career Planning, Curriculum Vitae’s, Local Labour Markets, Making the Right choices, Year 9 options Choices, Future Planning, STEM and Careers.

Economics & Enterprise Team

These lessons aim to assist pupils with monetary issues, they prepare them for opening the correct bank accounts to calculating APR and understanding how it works. Pupils are taught; Payday Loans, Learning to Earn, Keynesian Economics, New Business, Tax & Spending, Risk Taking, Money, Gambling, Consumer Rights, Born Bankrupt, Enterprise, Stocks & Shares, Globalisation, Business Plans and New Business.

Emotional Wellbeing & Relationship Team

As the title suggests the focus of this team is to deliver lessons in support of our SEMH & RSE programme. The delivery includes; Managing Mental Health & Wellbeing, Academic Resilience, Growth Mindset, Strategies to Manage Emotional Wellbeing, Positive Relationships, Media Influences & Pornography, Bereavement, Grief & Loss, Managing the Exam Period, Eating Disorders & Self-Harm, RSE, Diversity & Gender Identity and Growth Mindset.

Health Education & Keeping Safe team

This team focuses on educating pupils in how to remain safe in all aspects of society. Pupils are taught First Aid, Physical Heath & Fitness, Healthy Eating, Healthy Body and Sleep & Exercise, these lessons ensure health in the physical sense. The remaining lessons include; CSE, LORIC, Sexual Health & Relationships, RSE, Gang Exploitation, FGM/Domestic Abuse and Knife Crime.

Mrs V O’Connor-Green – Guidance Coordinator