Design & Technology

Head of STEM
Mrs S Davies

Exam Board:
OCR Engineering Manufacture 

WJEC Hospitality and Catering 

Please note: we are continually updating the pupil learning journeys to address any gaps in pupil understanding that have arisen due to lockdowns

About the course

This is a Cambridge National in Engineering Manufacture which develops aspiring engineers understanding of the processes involved in transferring a design concept into a product. They apply their knowledge and skills by operating manufacturing equipment following a design specification, using tools such as CAD/CAM.

This engaging course looks at the theory and practicality to multiple aspects of engineering

Engineering Manufacture is an engaging course aimed at aspiring engineers and any student with creativity and a curiosity for problem solving and a practical hands on qualification. You are provided with the knowledge and skills required to operate manufacturing tools and equipment used to make a range of products. You will learn the process in taking a simple design and turning it in to something innovative

With Engineering and Manufacture your study is reflected in the engaging internal task-based assessments, in which you have the opportunity to apply and develop hand skills, express creativity and put learning into practice in a useful way, solving engineering-related problems.

A practical approach to this subject will provide learners with knowledge in engineering technology and develop critical thinking, creativity and dextrous skills through engaging practical experiences

It gives you the opportunity to learn about one of the most  influential ever growing sectors of engineering which has quickly becoming the most popular employment sector with job and roles increasing year by year.


All pupils will study the following three mandatory components:

1: RO14—Principles of Engineering Manufacture—this is an external unit worth 40% of your final grade, taken at the end of year 11.

2: RO15—Manufacturing a one-off product.  This is a piece of coursework that is completed in year 10.  The exam board will release a scenario early into the course and you have to plan out the product that it gives you and then manufacture the product.

3: RO16—Manufacturing in Quality.  In this unit you will learn how to manufacture and use simple jigs and templates to support manufacturing volume.  This is another coursework unit, completed in year 11


Progression routes for OCR Engineering and Manufacture

·  Level 3 course in Engineering

· Wide range of apprenticeships that are relevant to engineering and the field.