Types of Homework

  • Practice exercises – providing students with the opportunities to apply new knowledge, or review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills

  • Practising/rehearsing for mastery e.g. spellings, musical practice, learning formulae and keywords

  • Revising information about a current topic

  • Practising words of phrases learned in a language other than English

  • Reading for pleasure

  • Essay writing/drafts and revisions

  • Flipped learning /preparatory homework – providing opportunities for students to gain background information on a unit of study so that they are better prepared for future lessons

  • Background reading/research

  • Other examples of reading e.g. English text for class work/discussion

  • Extension assignments – encouraging students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively e.g. writing a book review

  • Making or designing something e.g. an art work

  • Investigations e.g. science, human geography or researching e.g. history, local news

  • Christ the King will have regard for equity issues when setting homework:

    • students who do not have access to technology at home will not be disadvantaged

    • support will be provided through the homework club