Business - A-Level

Director of Social Sciences
Mrs L Morgan


The business A level is a 2 year course aimed at providing you with a high level of understanding in all areas of business. The units covered are designed to provide you with the core knowledge , understanding and skills covering the man functions of business from marketing , human resources and finance to motivation, reduction and economic influences.


You will study:

• What is Business?

• Managers.

• Leadership skills.

• Marketing.

• Operational Performance.

• Finance.

• Human Resources.


The second year A level part of the course includes developing the core knowledge, understanding and key skills. The 4 key areas are:

• Analysing the strategic position of a business.

• Choosing strategic direction.

• Strategic methods.

• Managing strategic change.


Business can lead to either employment or higher education. Careers could be pursued in a variety of business from administration and IT services to sakes and marketing, research, accounting, insurance and the financial services. You could also easily move on to university courses in a wide range of subjects.


Grade 5 in a related subject plus grade 5 in English Language