Government and Politics is the study of the means by which we govern ourselves and how the institutions of our democracy function. The course is designed to encourage interest and enthusiasm in to political beliefs central to an understanding of the world. This course will provide a structured foundation of political knowledge with an emphasis on contemporary politics and an opportunity to eventually specialise in one chosen area.


The Linear A Level has three components, two in depth studies of British Politics and one on American Politics.

Component 1

• Democracy and Political Participation.

• Political Parties.

• Electoral Systems.

• Voting Behaviour and the Media.

There are three ideological traditions to study:

• Conservatism.

• Socialism.

• Liberalism.

Component 2

• The British Constitution.

• Parliament.

• The Prime Minister and Executive.

• Relations between institutions.

And one ideological tradition to chose from choice of five - Anarchism, Ecologism, Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Feminism.

Component 3

US Politics, including:

• The Constitution.

• Congress.

• The Presidency.

• The Supreme Court and Civil Rights.

• Elections.

• Political Parties and Pressure Groups.


This subject is useful for career paths such as journalism, teaching, armed forces, local and national politics, the legal profession etc. The qualification fits well with History, Law, Economics and Sociology but is a useful subject for most career opportunities.


5 grade 9-5’s at GCSE or equivalent plus grade 5 in a related subject (i.e. history).