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The Parents' Guide to Teenage Anxiety and Stress

2 November 2022 is National Stress Awareness Day.

There’s plenty of reasons for teens to get stressed, and they will vary based on what’s happening in their life and their personality. In small doses, stress can be a great motivator, helping us get things done. The problems set in when we experience high levels of stress over extended periods of time. That can be damaging, both to mental and physical health. Parents can’t stop their teens experiencing stress; however, they can help them develop ways to deal with it more effectively. Visit the site and download the free guide.

  • How to spot the signs of anxiety and stress

  • Ways to help right away

  • Long term strategies to build their resilience

  • Coping with rejection

  • Encouraging healthy routines

  • Looking after the basics

  • Habits that can make stress worse

  • Where and when to get help and support