Head of STEM
Miss S Davies

Revision Guides:

Year 1 : Biology Revision

Year 2 : Biology Revision


The course is delivered by specialist biology teachers whose experience, educational and professional backgrounds complement the course.


First year (AS) is taught in four topics:

Topic 1 builds on your knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the circulatory system.

Topic 2 considers the following biological principles through the context of genetic diseases.

Topic 3 follows the development of multicellular organisms from single cells to complex individuals.

Topic 4 focuses on biodiversity and the wealth of natural resources used by humans.


In the second year you will study an additional 4 topics.

Topic 5 builds an appreciation of photosynthesis and ecosystems. This topic also provides you with the possibility of undertaking fieldwork in order to complete an ecological survey.

Topic 6 looks at forensic pathology using a wide variety of analytical techniques to determine identity and the time and cause of death of an organism, including humans.

Topic 7 is centred on the physiological adaptations that enable animals and humans, particularly sports people, to undertake strenuous exercise.

Topic 8 considers how the working of the nervous system enables us to see. Brain imaging and the regions of the brain are considered.


Students studying Biology often continue to study Biochemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Science, Medicine, Environmental Science, Psychology, Veterinary Science or many other areas of biology. Biology can also combine with Mathematics, Geography, Psychology or the other sciences.


Grade 6 in Biology or 6 6 in Core and Additional

Science, 6 in Mathematics is recommended.