Assistant Director of EBacc (MFL)
Miss Stock


The WJEC Eduqas AS in Languages introduces you to advanced language studies and provides an engaging and inviting opportunity for you to build on your previous study. Through social, intellectual and cultural themes you will be able to develop their linguistic knowledge and cultural understanding of the countries/communities where the language is spoken. The opportunity to study literature or film will allow you to develop critical understanding of a work and its language structures and to increase cultural awareness as part of an integrated approach to language learning. A strong focus is placed on building your confidence and fluency in the spoken language using relevant and topical themes.


Social issues and trends

Young people in Spanish/French-speaking societies.

• Families and citizenship.

• Youth trends and personal identity.

• Trends in fashion

• How young people respond to modern technology.

• Relationships with others and peer pressure.

• Education and employment opportunities.

Political, intellectual and artistic culture

Understanding the Spanish/French-speaking world.

• Regional culture and heritage in Spain/France.

• Media, art, film and music.


Social issues and trends.

Diversity and difference.

• Migration and integration.

• Cultural identity and marginalisation.

• Cultural enrichment and celebrating difference.

• The positive aspects of a diverse society.

• Discrimination and diversity Life for those who are discriminated against.

Political, intellectual and artistic culture

The two Spains: 1936 onwards:

• El franquismo.

• Post-Civil War Spain.

• Spain – coming to terms with the past.

• The Occupation and post-war years in France.

• Life in occupied France - the French Resistance.

• The cultural dimension in occupied France.

• Rebuilding and restructuring society in post-war years.


Foreign Language skills improve employability and improve the overall economic competitiveness of the nation in a global economy. Over 75% of the world's population does not speak English at all. In our multilingual world, UK companies are now realising that they need foreign languages to compete when trading internationally. Public services and local government now recognise the diversity of UK society, and increasingly need languages when serving our communities. Salary uplift for those using languages at work can be anything from 8% to 20%, depending on how central languages are to the role.


4 in required language (e.g. Spanish).