Head of EBacc
Mrs C Cane


You will study two components in the first year of the course covering a variety of legal topics. The first is concerned with how laws are made and the legal system and covers issues such as statutory interpretation, judicial precedent, the role of the courts, judges, the legal profession and juries. Component two is based on the concept of liability with particular reference to criminal liability and includes studying crimes such as actual and grievous bodily harm. You will also study the Tort of Negligence, looking at negligence, duty of care and damages. A final component is studied in Year 13. This unit is concerned with Contract Law and how they are formed, as well as looking at concepts of law, including morality, judicial creativity and fault.


The study of Law at Advanced Level provides an excellent background for those wishing to pursue a law degree and a career in law. It can also lead to a wide range of careers including the Probation Service, teaching, journalism, the police and the public services amongst many others. A few go straight into legal employment after A Level Law, in the police or in a solicitors firm. A Level Law will give you exemption from the Introduction to Law Unit on the ILEX Professional Diploma in Law for those seeking to gain employment as a legal executive.


5 in History or 5 in English Literature.