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Edexcel GCSE Combined Science
Edexcel GCSE Biology
Edexcel GCSE Chemistry
Edexcel GCSE Physics

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GCSE Science

The new GCSE course engages and enthuses our pupils.  The course is full of interesting and relevant science concepts that pupils can easily relate to meaning that their attainment and enjoyment of the Science in enhanced. Skills in applying concepts and practical skills are a key focus.

What Science courses do we offer?

We offer two Science courses at KS4.

Edexcel GCSE Combined Science

This course leads to the award of two GCSEs in Science.  Both will be awarded at the end of Year 11.

 In Year 10 pupils study Biology, Chemistry  and Physics.

 In Year 11 pupils study Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


6 external examinations (2 for each Science studied) in the summer term of Year 11.

All examinations are 1h 10 min and are worth 60 marks each .

Practical skills will be assessed in each exam paper and will make up 15% of questions.


How do I get more information?

If you need more information about the courses the following website may be useful:

Progression routes for Science related courses.

GCSE Separate Science


Exam Board—Edexcel

Pupils can opt to study on the Separate Science GCSE course.  This is where pupils are awarded a separate GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Any pupil wanting to opt for this course must do so as part of  their Year 9 Options selections.  This course is recommended for pupils achieving  the H pathway  or higher at the end of Year 9. This course contains all of the content from the GCSE Combined Science. The papers have the same topic split as Combined Science, except that Separate Science has more challenging content added in each topic of the specification.



This course is recommended for pupils achieving  the H pathway  or higher at the end of Year 9.

Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Davies (Director of STEM) or Mrs Murtha-Jackson (Assistant Head of STEM)


Progression routes for GCSE Separate Science.

Careers in analytical laboratory work, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation, Criminology, Laboratory work, Police Force, Research, Science Technician / Consultant, Toxicologist, Pharmaceuticals.