Geography is an exciting and dynamic subject which addresses the key ideas and debates in our world today. Whilst studying Geography you will develop fieldwork and research skills and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of places and environments and the processes which bring about change. Geography is a recognised facilitating subject to progress onto a variety of degree courses at top universities. We follow the Edexcel Advanced Level Specification. The course covers a range of contemporary themes and issues including Tectonic Hazards, Regenerating Places, Superpowers and Energy Security so you can understand the world around us and what could impact its future. The core themes which all Advanced Level courses must cover are:

• Water and carbon cycles.

• Landscape systems.

• Global systems and governance.

• Changing places.

You are expected to develop and use a variety of fieldwork and enquiry skills and will be required to undertake a minimum of four days of fieldwork in the local area. In addition we hope to offer an opportunity for a fieldwork/ enrichment visit further afield during the course.


The Advanced Level course is fully linear. There are three examinations at the end of the course (each of 2 hours & 15 minutes) which contribute 80% to the final grade. An Independent Investigation (3,000 – 4,000 words) makes up the final 20%.


Geography is a very broad subject which covers a wide range of contemporary issues and develops a number of transferable skills. Studying Geography at Advanced Level provides excellent preparation for further study in higher education or for employment. Geography graduates are employed in a wide range of jobs in commerce, management and public services.


5 in Geography.