Film Studies

Director of IMedia
Mr J Kkounnous


Film develops a broad range of transferable skills and offers a coherent course of study which allows you the opportunity to draw together different areas of understanding and knowledge from across the three components, providing them with an informed filmmaker’s perspective of film. We teach a number of main approaches including specialist topic areas such as narrative, ideology and spectatorship, which are designed to complement independent research whilst tailoring writing to suit different audiences and develop analytical, critical and logical thinking skills to best prepare you for higher education across a range of degree subjects


We use the Eduqas programme of study. The papers are split as follows for the full A Level:


Component 1 – Varieties of Film and Filmmaking

Section A: Hollywood 1930 - 1990 (comparative study)

Section B: American Film since 2005 (two film study)

Section C: British Film since 1995 (two film study)


Component 2 - Global Filmmaking Perspectives

Section A: Global Film (two film study)

Section B: Documentary Film

Section C: Film Movements – Silent Cinema

Section D: Film Movements – Experimental Film (1960-2000)


Component 3 – Production

Non-exam assessment

Option 1: Short Film OR

Option 2: Screenplay (& 20 frame digital storyboard)

Evaluative Analysis (1600-1800 words)


You are provided with a combination of theoretical and technical skills that are transferable to a whole host of careers in creative industries including: Filmmaking; Journalism; Screenwriting; Marketing and Advertising; Programme Researcher; Broadcast Presenter, Producer. As well as independent production companies, typical employers include large broadcasters like the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. Film Studies is a highly popular subject that is well regarded by Cambridge University where its appreciation of the subject’s written expression and analytical ability is seen to be useful in many careers.


5 grade 9-4’s GCSE or equivalent plus English at grade 5.