What are we trying to achieve with our school’s curriculum?

We want EVERY child to be successful and reach their full potential both personally and academically. Our aspirational curriculum is broad, balanced and knowledge rich; underpinned by our mission statement and designed to meet the needs of all learners.

Our ambitious school curriculum:

  • Fully meets the National Curriculum and the statutory requirements set out in programmes of study for each subject.

  • Is planned to ensure every pupil regardless of background or prior attainment receives the same broad and knowledge rich curriculum, covering a wide range of disciplines.

  • Provides varied opportunities for every pupil to develop cultural capital and cultural literacy throughout our formal and wider curriculum

  • Is fair, equal and inclusive and allows all pupil groups, irrelevant of background, the opportunity to study all subjects and courses.

  • Is designed to ensure all pupils regardless of ability, study the EBacc suite of subjects over 3 years and are given the option to continue to study these subjects moving into KS4 and KS5.

  • Is planned to build on our strong knowledge of the KS2 content to ensure there is no loss of learning as pupils move into KS3.

  • Careful planning and scaffolding of work by teachers ensures all pupils are taught the same knowledge and skills regardless of ability,

  • Every teacher has the same high aspirations for every child in every class

  • Reading is prioritised for all

Our aspirational curriculum promotes deep learning and knowledge acquisition and aims to:

  • Enhance the spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional, personal and physical development of pupils within school and in society

  • Prepare pupils in school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life

  • Develop pupils’ cultural capital and cultural literacy to widen their knowledge base and vocabulary size

  • Provide pupils with essential knowledge needed to be successful and educated citizens

  • Build on local context to meet the variety of pupil needs

  • Introduce pupils to the best that has been thought and said

  • Help engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement

  • Use enrichment opportunities involving the wider community to allow pupils to play an active part in their learning

  • Support pupils in fulfilling their ambitions whilst adopting safe and healthy practices

  • Teach learners skills that enable them to become more independent, curious and confident in their own learning and understand how learning is connected to the world