Head of Creative Arts
Mrs  McGranaghan

Exam Board:
AQA GCSE Art & Design

Please note: we are continually updating the pupil learning journeys to address any gaps in pupil understanding that have arisen due to lockdowns


Pupils will follow a broadly based Art & Design course and requires work to be exhibited from two or more of the following areas:

At the end of the course you will prepare a selection of your best work for assessment.

Next you will prepare over 10 weeks for your Art exam which will be completed in ten hours of supervised time.  Most candidates do very well  in this externally assessed assignment.

If you have ability, are keen and willing to work hard, join us in the Art & Design Department.  We are sure you will enjoy the experience and gain satisfaction and pleasure from your final exhibition of work.

In addition to gaining a good grade at the end of the course we very much hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the experience, the sense of  adventure and a deepening understanding of art and  artists past and present.  Finally, and perhaps more importantly, you will be encouraged to look at and question your own environment.


The final exhibition of your work will be marked as follows:

Progression routes