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Mrs C Cane

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AQA GCSE Geography

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Please note: we are continually updating the pupil learning journeys to address any gaps in pupil understanding that have arisen due to lockdowns

GCSE  Geography

Why study Geography?

Are you interested in the world around you? Do you want to be able to make informed decisions about where to live, where to work or where to go on holiday?

Are you concerned about the environment and the future of planet earth?  Do you want to develop skills which you will find useful long after you have left school?

If you enjoy studying Geography, carry on with it!  You are ore likely to gain good grades in a subject you enjoy.  You will also be in good company as Geography is one of the most popular GCSE subjects and is highly valued by employers!

What will you study?

Pupils will follow the new AQA (9-1) specification.  The course builds upon content at KS3 and consists of a variety of physical and human geography topics.  The physical geography topics are natural hazards, physical landscapes of the UK and living world (ecosystems).  The human geography topics are urban issues and challenges, globalisation and economic issues and resource management.

At the end of the course there are three examinations which will assess knowledge and understanding of content and application of skills (including fieldwork).  The examination result is graded from 1—9.

Fieldwork and out of Class Learning

All pupils will take part in fieldwork activities during the GCSE course

Progressions routes for GCSE Geography.