Modern Foreign Languages

Assistant Director of EBacc (MFL)
Miss Stock

Exam Board:
AQA (Spanish and French )

Please note: we are continually updating the pupil learning journeys to address any gaps in pupil understanding that have arisen due to lockdowns

GCSE Spanish

If you have enjoyed learning Spanish in Key Stage 3 so far, then continuing to study it at GCSE level will be a great option for you! Spanish is a highly valued subject by Sixth Form Colleges and Universities and during the course our objective is to enable our students to develop their Spanish language skills whilst building upon knowledge from Key Stage 3 in order to communicate in a variety of contexts with confidence. Learning languages is a skill for life and a very enjoyable and rewarding subject.

To study Spanish at GCSE you will need to have studied Spanish prior to Year 10.

This course continues the scheme of work followed in Year 7—9 and encompasses the following topic areas:


Component 1: Listening

Written paper: 35 minutes (Foundation Tier)

45 minutes (Higher Tier)

25% of qualification

Component 2: Speaking

Spoken assessment: 7-9 minutes (Foundation Tier)

10-12 minutes (Higher Tier)

Three tasks:  One role play, one photo card, one conversation.

25% of qualification

Component 3: Reading

Written examination: 45minutes (Foundation Tier)

1 hour (Higher Tier)

25% of qualification

Component 3: Writing

Written examination:  1 hour (Foundation tier)

1 hour 15  mins (Higher tier)

25% of qualification

Written tasks include translation question from English to Spanish.

(Learners are not permitted to use dictionaries in any part of the assessments)

Progression routes for GCSE Spanish

A Level courses in Spanish

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Careers in Journalism, International Law, Media and Marketing and Interpreting, Teaching, Diplomatic Service, Central Government Service, International Sales, Travel and Tourism, Recruitment, Financial Services, Armed Forces and many more.